Cameroon : Cameroonians Imprisoned Abroad Will Soon Be Transfered

Cameroon : Cameroonians Imprisoned Abroad Will Soon Be Transfered

Cameroonians Ministry Of External Relations Following Up The Extradiction.

Felix Mbayu, The Minister Delegate in charge of the Commmon Wealth at the Ministry of External Relations, recently, defended Bill No 1085/PJL/AN authorizing the President of the Republic to ratify the agreement on the transfer of persons sentenced to free imprisonment between the Republic of Cameroon and the Federative Republic of Brazil at the Yaounde Conference Center.

Clarifying the worries of Honorable Cabral Libii to why Cameroonians imprisoned abroad should asked to be sent back into the country to serve their prison terms when over there, they are better prisons infrastructures and conditions, the minister delegate pointed out that, though the conditions and infrastructure are better than ours, the treatment the citizens receive over there is different from that of the nationals.

 Psychologically they are unstable. Back home, the minister explained, they will have access to thier family members, visits from friends and may have better treatment.

In reality, the issue of persons wanted to be transfered to come serve their prison back home is not just a fiction or imagination, it is a serious issue to deal with. Felix Mbayu added.  Talking about those imprisoned out of the country seeking for means to comeback home to serve their prison terms, the minister delegate in charge of the Common Wealth at the Ministry of External Relations mentioned that, they are Cameroonians who are in prison in Russia asking to be transfered home to continue serving their terms.The Ministry of External Relations is working hands in gloves with that of Justice for the extradiction of prisoners abroad.


Takang Bisong

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