Cameroon : Civil Society Organizations Working With Law Makers

Cameroon : Civil Society Organizations Working With Law Makers

PLANOSCAM Organizing Seminar For Budget Validation.

Four parliamentarians and four senators are meeting in Kribi with some members of  civil society organizations to brainstorm on how to provide better living conditions to the population. With the goal of advocating for the civil society organizations to be implicated in the validation of the 2021 budget, the Cameroon Civil Society Organization ( PLANOSCAM), is bringing the law makers and civil society organizations under same roof.

The two days seminar, from April 29 and 30, under the theme « Citizens Diner 2021 » is schooling  the members of government, law makers of the upper and lower house of parliament, members of financial institutions on how to involve the civil society organizations each time the governmnet budget needs to be validated.

Dr. Samuel Biroki, the president of PLANOSCAM pointed out that, including the civil society organizations in the validation of the state budget is of great importance. This will ensure the equal distribution of resources, make the population have the sense of belonging and promote equity. The work carried out so far by PLANOSCAM according to the president can never be underminded. So far he added, our efforts is yielding fruits as some ministries like that of finance, public health always consult us before under taking certain actions.

 Senator George Kingang, a representative from the North West Region, sees the implication of the civil society in budget validation as vital. To him, the members of the civil society organizations are more closer to the people than the law makers. There is no way, the parliamentarians can work without them. For they see people on daily basis than the members of government and law makers.

The law makers and the organizations have vowed to make sure, each year, the budget validation is done with them.

By  Takang Bisong

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