Cameroon : Doubt Over Success Of Universal Health Coverage Exposed

Cameroon : Doubt Over Success Of Universal Health Coverage Exposed

Law Makers Castigate Involvement Of Expatriates.

Some members of parliament have expressed doubt over the success on plans to provide universal health insurance cover in Cameroon. Their worries came up on the 23rd June 2021 during a special plenary sitting of the National Assembly. The meaning of universal health coverage seems to be misconstrued by the government officials.  Certain parliamentarians who are insurance expects and have taken part in universal health coverage issues pointed out to the minister of health how it has to function. I explained to the Minister and the Parliamentarians the meaning of universal health coverage and the modalities to be put in place. Honorable Djeumeni Benilde revealed.

To him, for the universal health coverage to be successful in Cameroon, an adhoc committee making up of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Health Ministry should be made.  Handing such a wonderful project to the hands of expatriates is highly condemned “I disagree on the fact that this project should be handed to expatriates”. I am afraid we might find ourselves in same conditions like in the case of the national identity cards and passports where we thought we are modernizing that has brought us much problem today. I have the feelings that if this project follows the same procedure, we will be redressing instead of advancing. He explained.

It is a mistake carrying out this project without consulting and involving insurance companies in Cameroon. The country might face difficulties in the implementation of this project because; the real technicians have not been given their place. Honorable Djeumeni Benilde pointed out.

Cameroon is not the first country instituting the universal health insurance coverage. States like Ivory Coast and Rwanda have already put in place. 

By Takang Bisong

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