Cameroon : Elected Officials Requesting Improve Health Facilities

Cameroon : Elected Officials Requesting Improve Health Facilities

Parliamentarians Demand Good Roads and More Health Centers.

Elected Officials in the country are requesting the improvement of health facilities over the national territory. The demand for better health services for all was made on the 23rd June 2021 during a special plenary sitting on plans to provide universal health insurance cover and vaccination against COVID-19. It is very expedient for the government to provide more health centers, district hospitals having dialysis and X-ray machines, echography machines, modern operation and labour rooms to all the regions of the country. Honorable Cecile Dione Epie CPDM Member of Parliament from Kube Muaneguba mentioned.

The improved health facilities can never be helpful without good roads. Thus it is important for the state to understand that, the population can have access to the hospitals only when the roads are good. She added.Joining his voice to that of Honorable Cecile Dione Epie, Honorable Francois Xavier Mpon Parliamentarian from Mbam and Inoubou Division revealed that, the state should include administrative structure in the project “ I made the Minister understand that the government should not only think on how to get money but should also reflect on  administration regarding infrastructure.

The state can give all the equipments to the hospitals but if the road network to the hospital is poor,  the  population safety will still be  on the scale and their health will never be okay.”It is worth noting that, the government should associate other administrative aspects in the project in order that the project be successful.

Both parliamentarians called on Cameroonians to go in for the vaccine which is free so as to kick corona virus out of Cameroon.

By Takang Bisong

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