Cameroon : Finance Minister Convinces Law Makers To Adopt Bill

Cameroon : Finance Minister Convinces Law Makers To Adopt Bill

Louis Paul Motaze Advanced Interesting Points To Parliamentarians.

Louis Paul Motaze, the Minister of Finance on Friday at the seat of the National Assembly during a plenary sitting convinced the law makers to adopt bill number 1093/PJ/AN, that gives the President of the Republic rights to ratify ordinance No. 2021/2 of 26 May 2021 to amend and supplement some provisions of Law No. 2020/18 of 17 December 2020. In this regards, the President of the Republic on May 26th, 2021 signed Ordinance No. 2021/2 amending the provision of forty-nine and inserting section forty-nine (a) in Law No. 2020/18 of December 2020. In pursuance of the provision of section fifty five of the finance law for the 2021 finance year.

The Bill that was defended by the finance boss on Saturday June 11, 2021 warrants the parliamentarians to authorize the government borrow the sum of over 4000 billion CFAF. In his efforts to buy the minds of the parliamentarians over, Louis Paul Motaze, without babbling, raised points like, the country is not having enough financial means to accomplish it commitments. To him, the country and administration can never be dormant as he stated “We have to run the country, we have to run the administration, for that, we need some means.”The country according to the Minister of Finance is not having enough means to reimburse the formal debt. Thus, the best thing to do is to see how the reimbursement of some debts can be postponed while laying hands on others.

The best thing to do at this point in time is to go in for a debt. There is no country in the world that can say it is  debt free. Cameroon is among the Africa countries without much debt. Citizens complain of us borrowing money to build dames while they are not comfortable with the energy situation of the country. It is only through borrowing that the country is able to build dames, roads and hospitals. If we don’t want to be indebted, we should not invest. The country can’t stay without contracting debts. He explained. Borrowing is bad when it is not done intelligently and without focus. 

By Takang Bisong

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