Cameroon : Government Seeking Ways To Improve Entrepreneurship

Cameroon : Government Seeking Ways To Improve Entrepreneurship

Parliamentarians Working With Partners For Better Results.

Members of the Parliamentary Network for the Promotion of Private Entrepreneurship on June 14, 2021, after brainstorming during their seminar christened “Forum On Financing Territorialized Entrepreneurship”, at the Yaounde Congress hall, landed on the following recommendations to beef up the private sector.

Strengthen the instruments for stimulating, disseminating and mobilizing the entire social body around culture of entrepreneurship (school, university, administrative, family, decentralized territorial authorities,), strengthen the mechanisms and legislative/regulatory instruments for the emergence of successful project holders and for reducing their loss, in particular incubators, nurseries and accelerators, Develop measures to encourage public or private promoters to invest in project leaders (business angels, sponsors, mentors and tutors), the promotion of frameworks for public-private consultation and collaboration to increase the volume of loanable funds, the development of participatory finance instruments ( crowdfunding and fundraising), the centralization of databases of entrepreneurial project holders to better monitor their development from the decentralized territorial  authorities ( software and packages), the implantation of global and personalized support  mechanisms with the incubation centers run by the local authorities in collaboration with the training institutions, the creation of National Regional, Departmental or Communal Grand Prizes to celebrate entrepreneurial quality by generating recognition for entrepreneurs.

The members of the network have as the intention of carrying out a prospective reflection for an efficient financing of private entrepreneurship in Cameroon. Parliamentarians, Government representatives, Municipal Magistrates, private economic operators and international development partners all answered present during the seminar. 

By Takang Bisong

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