Cameroon : Insecurity, a nightmare to the state of cameroon.

Cameroon : Insecurity, a nightmare to the state of cameroon.

The insecurity situation in the country for some years now is making the authorities that be to understand clearly that uneasy lies the heads wearing the crowns. Cameroon for almost six years is passing through a difficult period as over four regions out of ten are undergoing perilous times due to continuous attacks from either the rebels in the East Region, the Boko Haram members in the Far North and the separatists in the North West and South West Regions.

In the Far North Region of Cameroon, the constant attacks from the Boko Haram members making Cameroon the second most affected state in the Lake Chad Basin has increased the number of displaced persons to over 527,000 persons who can’t get sufficient protection. The persistent attacks by the Boko Haram insurgency that have caused enormous damages to properties and humans has been a point of concern to the head of state Paul Biya.

The president of the Republic Paul Biya during his address to the nation on the 31st of December 2020, did not under estimate the ability of the Boko Haram members to inflict pains and sufferings to the various communities in the Far North Region. The head of state, acknowledged that though the defense and security forces are doing everything to halt the situation, vigilance, complete collaboration between the forces and the population is needed to finally wipe out this group of terrorists who are using teenagers as suicide bombers to snuff life out of people.

In the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, the security situation is not an applaudable one. In 2016 a peaceful protest march of teachers and lawyers that would have passed without any alarm met stiff resistance from the forces of law and order who beat them up and ceased the wigs. In November 2017, the tensions in the North West and South West Regions escalated into an uncontrollable violence as various camps of separatists were built leaving inexplicable economic, social and cultural consequences.

The over four years crisis has led to the disappearance of many villages on the earth surface, untold loss of human lives, burning down of schools and hospitals, destruction of private properties. The socio political crisis of the two English speaking regions has led to increase population displacement, as almost 680.000 Cameroonians are now internally displaced not leaving out the extra 58.000 people who went to neighboring Nigeria to seek refuge.

Insecurity of the two regions caused by the crisis has escalated the level of poverty as businesses witnessed a declined due to the constant lock down, doors of shops were hardly opened, entrepreneurs understood the real  meaning of bearing risk in business as well as teachers of private schools were rendered redundant.

The East Region in Cameroon on her part cannot boast of constant security situation as majority of the inhabitants in that area especially the rich sleep with their hearts in their hands as no one knows who will be kidnapped for ransom by the rebels terrorizing the place. The continuous kidnapping of people for ransom in the East Region is keeping the defense and security forces alert at all times.


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