Cameroon : Parliamentarians Willing To Accompany The State

Cameroon : Parliamentarians Willing To Accompany The State

Elected Officials Set To Move Down The Villages.

Law Makers on the 23

June 2021 during a special plenary sitting on plans to provide universal health insurance cover and vaccination against COVID-19 have exposed their willingness to accompany the Minister of Health in the vaccination process all over the national territory.

Honorable Prodencial Injoh Foo Ngang stated ;We have recommend to the Minister of  Public Health our willingness to accompany him in the process;.  The elected officials who have mastery of their constituency have upper hands over their populations.As elected officials we are present on the ground including the villages in our various constituencies. We are able to reach the population in all the nooks and crannies.

The Minister of Public Health will be able to have a wide sensitization campaign in all the ten regions of the country if he puts the machinery in motion. This can only be done by working with the law makers. It is our duty to accompany the Health Minister to sensitize the population on the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine.

There is no need compromising our health since health is wealth ;Health is wealth, we can’nt compromise it;. Honorable Prodencial Injoh Foo Ngang explained. The members of parliament are calling on the government to listen to the plea of the people including the elected officials.

The elected officials who are ready to accompany the government in the vaccination process are having their eyes wide shot on the rapid reaction of the state for them to commence work in order to ensure the population safety.

By Takang Bisong

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