Cameroon : Pharmaceutical Companies Profiting From Covid 19 Vaccine

Cameroon : Pharmaceutical Companies Profiting From Covid 19 Vaccine

 Some Industries Demanding High Amount Per Dosage of covid 19.

The outbreak of the deadly covid 19 in China in the year 2019 and rapidly become the world’s issue, that  caused complete panic and put the global economy on a stand still, reduce politicians to nothing, forced pleasure lovers to be under house arrest for months, imposed leave on workers, empound flight companies, render some people redundant and gives authorities sleepless nights, has pushed rulers all over the world to consult some pharmaceutical companies in order to look for lasting solution to the pandemic.

Some pharmaceutical companies like moderna, Sinovac, Sanofi/DSK, Pfizer/Biotech, Oxford-Astrazeneca, Novavx, Curevac, Johnson and Johnson, Sputnik-V and Covaxx immediately put their machinery in action in view of curbing the spread of the pandemic. These Companies ended up producing the covid 19 vaccines.

These companies were not producing the vaccines for charity purpose, but to atleast sell them out to any government willing to buy them. The cost of a vaccine dose of covid 19, depends on each company. A lowest cost of a vaccine dose for a company like Moderna is 25$ (13750 CFAF) and the highest cost is 37$ which is (20350 CFAF), Sinovac is 13$ (7700 CFAF) and 29$ (16500 CFAF), Sanofi/GSK is 10$ (5500 CFAF) and 21$ (11550 CFAF), Pfizer/Biotech 18$ (9900 CFAF) and 19$ (10450CFAF), Oxford-Astrazeneca 4$ (2200 CFAF) and 8$ (4400 CFAF). While some companies have low and high prices, others like Novavax, Curevac, Johnson and Johnson and Sputnik have steady cost for a dosage.

Some firms after receiving fundings from government authorities are willing to sell the vaccine at a price that will make them cover their production costs. Meanwhile, companies like Modena, Sinovac, Sanofi/GSK are pricing thiers higher at the cost of 37$, 29$ and 21$ respectively per dose of covid 19.

There is no gainsaying that, some pharmaceutical companies are in a way eating fat from the production of the covid 19 vaccine.

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