Cameroon : Road Construction Companies Facing Difficulties

Cameroon : Road Construction Companies Facing Difficulties

Non Payment Of Indemnities and Late Payment Of Bills Slow Down Work.

It is no longer amazing to Cameroonians seeing uncompletely projects or abandoned ones in the country. Many road companies which at times win the bids to execute projects do that at a very slow pace without respecting the deadline. The situation has given many Cameroonians who are beneficiaries of these projects stress.

The numerous meetings held between Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi the Minister of Public Works, alongside the  Secretary of State for roads, Louis Max Ayina Ohandja with head of companies have yielded little or no fruits. The road projects launched by the government of Cameroon yearly, portrays the desire of the government to change the social situation of the citizens.

Unfortunately for Cameroonians, they are not enjoying any road development as their nightmares  remain same. Their inability to benefit from the projects is blamed highly on the government who at times fail to compensate the local population, pay the contractors bills, and inaccessiblity to quarry sites.  The rehabilitation of the over 35KM Babadjou-Bamenda stretch of road, on the National Road No.6 is unfinished because of lack of authorization to the quarry site and the present insecurity in the North West Region.

The contractors of  Maroua-Mora road  of about 61.43km that was launched in 2017, experienced problems of quarry partially, insecuriy and financial headache. The 205 km Mora-Dabanga-Kouserri road rehabilitation project, sponsored by the World Bank and Cameroon government to the tune of 70 billion FCFA was finally handed for execution to the Military Engineering corps when the Chinese firmed abandoned because of insecurity in the Far North Region.

The non payments of arrears and inaccessiblity to projects sites are difficulties registered by the companies carrying out the construction work along the over 40.46 km of Obala-Nanga Eboko-Bouam and Nding-Mbgaba road stretch. With regards to the rehabitation of the Ngaoundere-Garoua road, the displacement of water and electricity networks on the projects site, difficulties in obtaining authorisation for the quarry explosives were recorded for the delays.

The payment of indemnities to locals on the  project sites whose properties were damaged and late payment of bills to companies have been the major barrier to the advancement of  projects.

By Takang Bisong

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