Economy: Agriculture Minister Backs Inter Trade Bill

Gabriel Mbairobe Prescribes Unity Among Producers For Better Openings.

Economy: Agriculture Minister Backs Inter Trade Bill

In order to redress problems like inequalities, lack of synergy in stakeholders intervention and the nearly absence of a structure organization meeting with international organs that have been an impediment to the advancement of the production sectors in the country, bill No 2007/PJL/AN was defended on Tuesday at the National Assembly in the Yaounde Conference Center by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Gabriel Mbairobe. To put an end to this confusion and disagreement in the sectors, the government of Cameroon is putting hands on deck to ensure the smooth functioning of the various activities.

Taking into account that Cameroon is Africa in miniature whose land is very rich in the production of crops and the carrying out of divers’ activities; the non regularization of this sector might be catastrophic. The draft bill on inter trade organization defended in the presence of the law makers, will go a long way to put together all the production segments so as to enable those concern brainstorm among themselves to look for solutions on issues regarding production, processing, transformation and marketing of their products. The Minister pointed out.

With the aim of balancing and equally partition the income, the bill on inter trade organizations, will open doors for the producers to create an enabling environment or platform to discuss, concert in order to have the same argument and stand on the same position when defending their concern and interests when called up by the government officials or international organizations. He added.

This bill was defended in the presence of the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of relations with the Assemblies Bolvine Wakata and the President of the Constitutional Law Committee Honorable Hersesse Zongol.

By Takang Bisong

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