Education : Secondary Education Ministry Blind Folding Cameroonians

Education : Secondary Education Ministry Blind Folding Cameroonians

Few  Buckets and Soaps Handed To Some Schools To Fight Covid 19.

For some weeks now, the political climate in the country has been very tense following the questioning of some members of government in relation to the management of COVID 19 funds. It is reported that,  over 24 ministerial departments in Cameroon are swimming in the scandal pool of mismanagement of a frightening sum of 180 billion FCFA.

The Ministry of Secondary Education one of the ministerial department receiving accusing fingers, is doing everything possible to get itself out of the scandal. Last week, the Mfoundi Divisional Delegation of Secondary Education invited some principals of schools under its authority and gave them some Covid 19 related materials.

I had a call from the delegation of  Secondary Education to make myself available at the Divisional Delegation on Friday morning. This I did without any hesitation. To my greatest dismay, I was handed two buckets of different sizes, and over 24 cubes of soaps. A source revealed.

We the heading schools are really surprised why the authorities are sharing Covid -19 materials at the end of the academic year. These materials would have been useful at the beginning of the year. Some months back, we were asked to sign Covid 19 related documents by workers from the delegation. We knew after the signing of the papers, supports will be made available. Nothing came up at that time. A principal pointed out.

The over 240 secondary schools in the Mfoundi Division have been divided into various categories.  And the Covid-19 gifts were handed in relation to the categories. The million dollar question asked here is, why is the ministry of secondary education showing concern only at a time when the mismanagement  scandals of Covi-19 fund has gone viral and the International Monetary Fund seeking to know how the government has managed the over 180 billion FCFA?

By Takang Bisong.

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