Politics : The Transfer of Resources to Local Authorities Certain

Minister Delegate promises equal distribution of competences to regional powers.

Politics : The Transfer of Resources to Local Authorities Certain

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Paul Tasong, on Saturday November 27, 2021 was at the National Assemble to honour the question and answer Parliamentary Procedures.

The Minister Delegate did not fail to make the law makers understand the steps taken by the government to ensure equal distribution of revenue when responding to the question of Honorable Saya Kaigama of Mbam et Kim division of the Centre Region.

The worries of the effective and efficient transfer of resources to local and regional authorities echoed by the parliamentarian to Paul Tasong, is something that the state for over a decade has been executing. The Minister Delegate explains “it is a long way process which has been for over ten years.”

To him, the government of Cameroon has witnessed a lot of advancement for some years now “When compared with what we have today, there is marked improvement.” The Minister Delegate did not ignore the fact that, there is no need transferring resources while holding back the competences. For the local and regional authorities to have some weight, it is vital for them to be allocated the resources and the competences.

There is no gainsaying that; the state can beat its chest for progress made. Paul Tasong explained “Today, even though we have not attained the alternate objectives, with regards the volume of resources transferred to the local administration, we have seen more and more competences relinquished.”

The council local authorities can today boast of deciding of what to do with the resources accorded them. Decentralization he stated is all about transferring resources and competences to the local authorities.

By Takang Bisong

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