Society: Government Authorities Gradually Swallowing Their Pride

Prime Minister Urges Elites To Apologize To Fighters.

The Prime Minister and Head of Government Dr Joseph Dion Ngute on Thursday, 7th October 2021 during his peace talks mission in the North West Region of the Country has enjoined leaders of civil society organizations, traditional rulers and elites to swallow their pride and acknowledge the wrongs of the state towards the youths. The Head of Government, requested the delegates of the 7 Divisions of the North West he received in audience while examining the situation and seeking a lasting solution to the crisis to go down the grass roots and have a conversation with the young people.

The Senior Divisional Officer of Bui Division Harry Lanyuy Ngwanyi who was received by the Prime Minister revealed the frankness of the Head of Government in resolving the problem as he asked them to go down and apologize “The Prime Minister has mentioned that we have to go and plead with the population. He has asked us to go to the field and tell our brothers and sisters that we are really sorry for whatever thing that has happened.”

Truly, he declared, lives have been lost which cannot be gotten back. Thus the only way forward is to accept the realities “The lives lost can’t be gotten back. The only thing we can do is to face reality by telling those in the bushes that they are our brothers and sisters and we apologize from the depth of our hearts for what has happened.” The elites, leaders of the civil society organizations and traditional rulers are asked to beg the arm separatists to drop their guns and join in contributing in the rebuilding of the country.

The Prime Minister and Head of government was frank to tell the authorities to stop deceiving themselves by going round the problem without getting into the roots of the matter. The SDO of Bui Division declared “So we really want to cease this opportunity to appreciate the frank talk we had with the Prime Minister who said, there is no need to beat about the bush. Certain concerns were genuine and some people out of anger, frustration and hoping for something better decided to take up arms.”

Those received by the Prime Minister were urged to be humble enough to ask for forgiveness from their kids as young as 8 years who are now residing in the bushes to come out.

By Takang Bisong

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