Society : Higher Education Minister Making Digitalization Moves.

Society : Higher Education Minister Making Digitalization Moves.

Realities Of The Eight State Universities Not Into Consideration.

The Ministry of Higher Education under the leadership of Jacques Fame Ndongo has engaged into the modernization of the higher institutions in Cameroon. Recently in this month, the inauguration of University Digital Development Center and the RIC National Supervision Center took place.

Digitalization of the higher education has pushed the government to initiate a distance learning hall, with well equipped rooms and live room for lecturers to register their courses that will connect all the eight state universities to one another, giving room for lecturers to register their courses in order to assist other students far away from that higher institution of learning.

Experts in digital learning stated clearly “ A lecturer who delivers a course will have it forwarded to all state universities”. The million dollar question asked by many is how possible is this modernization when not all the lecturers speak English and French. How will students of Buea or Bamenda universities who are blank in French Language understand a lecture by a lecturer who speaks completely French?

Is the government of Cameroon going to provide a translator each time the is an inter connected lecture going on. All these remain to be answered.

Is the government of Cameroon aware of the fact that, in most part of the country, the electricity and network headaches are still to be solved?

The vision of modernizing the hoche education system is lauded but all necessary criteria has to be put in place. This is the second component of E-National Higher Education Network project initiated by the Head of State.

By Takang Bisong.

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