Society : Insecurity Heightens In The Anglophone Regions

Society : Insecurity Heightens In The Anglophone Regions

A Young Cameroon Lost Her Life In The South West.

The controversial two weeks ghost town declared by the separatist fighters in the North West and South West Region of Cameroon has claimed the life of a young girl by name Vanessa on Tuesday 14th September 2021 at Mbonge around Mbalangi along the Muyuka- Kumba road by a stray bullet.

Information sources declared that the young Vanessa of about 22 years of age left Limbe to Kumba to attend the funeral program of her friend’s dad. Little did she know that she was making a journey of no return. On the way, their bus was caught in between the shooting web of the fighters and security forces.

According to information gathered the shooting on that day left many others wounded who are presently in hospitals in Kumba. The untimely demised of the young girl with a lot of expectation and hopes from the parents have pushed many Cameroonians to wonder aloud the essence of this meaningless war in the Anglophone regions.

The Anglophone crisis that commenced as a simple teachers and lawyers peaceful strike to ask for a better working conditions in the year 2016 that was met with resistance from the security forces in Cameroon, would not have reached this level if the government had looked for a quick solution e teachers and lawyers problems.

In the year 2017, the crisis started getting sour and the Secretary General of Common Wealth, the Right Honorable Patricia Scotland was invited to have a talk with government officials, members of civil society organizations, religious leaders in order to propose a solution. The Common Wealth Secretary General, did not fail to suggest an inclusive and unconditional dialogue as the only solution to the problem. To the greatest dismay of many, her proposal was never taken into consideration. Today, many Cameroonians from both the military or civilians have lost their lives. It is high time the government of Cameroon start looking for a lasting solution to this problem.

By Takang Bisong

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