Society: Member of Parliament Assist in Water Project Fundraising

Honorable Oliver Agho development guarantor attracts friends to give.

Society: Member of Parliament Assist in Water Project Fundraising

The cry of the people and tears rolling down their checks due to the need of portable water which is the precious liquid provoked the sympathy of the leaders on the 4th of December 2021 in Bambili, to brainstorm on how to replace the sadness of the inhabitants to joy.

Thanks to the young dynamic and foresighted Member of Parliament Honorable Oliver Agho for Tubah and Bafut constituency who doubles as the President General of the Bambili Cultural and Development Association, a fundraising to facilitate the supply of water directly from Lake Bambili was done.

The giant water project of over 600 million FCFA to connect all the 40 villages including the University which is always jam packed was launched with the Member of Parliament (MP).

Whose charming smiles and softness in words cajoled people and friends to send their hands right deep into their pockets to contribute without any grudge. The Minister of Territorial Administration H.E Paul Atanga Nji took the relay baton by contributing the sum of 600000 FCFA, followed by Minister delegate in charge of the Common Wealth Felix Mbayu with the sum of 100000 FCFA, then comes Justice Malegho family with the sum of 500000FCFA, Tamajong Family 100000FCFA, Johnson Monju Vishi 100000 FCFA, Lawrence Ngwakongo 250000, Jessica Newi Lengha 100000 FCFA and the always jovial and baron of development Honorable Oliver Agho marched words with action by contributing the sum of 300000FCFA.

The President General of the Mbili Cultural and Development Association, the coordinator of the project Eric Adangfung, chip in the sum of over 5000000FCFA, the Mayor of Tubah, Martin Tanjong who contributed the sum of 1000000FCFA as well as pledges over 47 million FCFA on behalf of his council. The North West Governor Adolf Lele Afrique had his name registered with the sum of 100000FCFA, the SDO for Mezam handed 200000FCFA and vows the government is standing for the project, the Divisional Officer of Tubah, who followed the humble Parliamentarian contributed the sum of 50000FCFA and the royal basket was launched by the Fon of Bambili Fon Afungchui III with the sum of 25000FCFA. Thanks to his contribution, all the subjects of the 40 quarters making the Bambili village will follow suit.

Hopes are high that through the fundraising, peace that has been disturbed for many years will return in Bambili in particular and the North West Region in general as there is no meaningful development without peace. The efforts of Honorable Oliver Agho was highly recommended by members of the fundraising committee and the Fon of Bambili as the selfless Law Maker with a charming smile and lots of dexterity had to sacrifice his parliamentary duties to ensure that the fundraising for the water project went on smoothly.

By Takang Bisong

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