Society : Roads In South Region Swallowing Huge Amount

Society : Roads In South Region Swallowing Huge Amount

Project Swallowing The Sum Of Over 248.7 Billion FCFA.

The sum of over 752 billion FCFA will be swallowed by the road to be constructed in the South Region of Cameroon.

The Minister of Public Works Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi recent visit this August 2021 to evaluate the road network situation in this part of the country is to give the citizens the impression that, things are moving smoothly and very soon, the headache experienced by the population of that region will know an end.

Appreciating the work progress of certain projects few months to the end by the Minister is a well lauded idea, though many Cameroonians are ignorant of the huge sum of money these projects that the Minister paid particular attention have taken. The 65 KM Sangmelima- Bikoula stretch of road that Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi paid special interest on is costing the state of Cameroon the sum of over 34.7 billion FCFA.

The road network of Mengong – Sangmelima covering about 74 km is swallowing the sum of over 60.31 billion FCAF, the 38 km Bikoula – Djoum road network is taking the sum of over 28.599 billion FCFA, the 53km Lele –Ntam- Balam stretch of road is consuming the sum of over 35.6 billion FCAF.

The 65 km stretch of roads Ngolbang- Zoetele, Sangmelima- Mezesse- Meyomessala will take the sum of over 23.5 billion FCFA from the tax payers money. The 53.5 km road network from Lele to Ntam is being constructed with the sum of 32.2 billion and the 67.5km of road Djoum – Mintom- Mintom –Lele is swallowing over 27.86 billion.

By Takang Bisong

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