Society : Thousand Of National Identity Cards and Passports Abandoned

Society : Thousand Of National Identity Cards and Passports Abandoned

Cameroonians Asked To Collect Them By Delegate General of National Security.

The Delegate General of National Security Martin Mbarga Nguele, is calling on Cameroonians to go to the various police stations and collect their national identity cards .

Following the announcement made recently, the police boss declared over 500.000 national identity cards have been abandoned in the hands of the police. Out of the five hundred thousands, more than 200000 are of the new identity cards.

He is calling on the citizens to engage in the collection of their identification paper in order to be in the regulations of the state. Most at times those whose identity cards are out, join the host of others who have no hope of getting theirs to complain about the non production of the important safety document.

The police boss is alarm at the fact that, even the biometric passport that is produced within 48 hours have also been abandoned by the citizens. At the moment, over 2977 established biometric passports are waiting for their owners to get them from the production center. The question that comes to the mind of many is why were the people in that haste to go in for the passports when they were not certain of collecting them.

It is ironical that, while some people have their identity cards hanging in the counters of the police stations until they are asked by the Delegate General of National Security to collect them, others with their identity cards receipt made years ago are counting on the divine intervention of the almighty God for theirs to be out.

Regarding the issue of passports, many have spent hundreds of thousands which at the end could not come. Today, those who have theirs established are unable to collect.

By Takang Bisong

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