South West : Doors Of Many Schools Open This Academic Year

South West : Doors Of Many Schools  Open This Academic Year

Redeployed Teachers Urged To Re-apply To Functional Schools.

The South West Regional Delegate of Secondary Education Hannah Etonde Mbua has announced the opening of many school doors this 2021-2022 academic year in the region.

In Fako Division, 96 schools out of 136 schools that are existing are going to be functional this year as compared to the few last academic year, In Kupe-Muanenguba, 16 out of the 40 known schools will have their doors opened as opposed to 8 last year, in Manyu 23 out of the 71 schools will be operational this year, in Meme 23 out of 94 will do same, Ndian Division 17 out of the 43 schools existing will open their doors this year.

The best progress has been noted by Lebialem Division which is moving from no school that opened its doors last year to five this year out of the 38 existing ones. A total of 177 out of the 421 schools will opened their doors this year. She noted.

The secondary education boss during the first education sector conference for the 2021-2022 academic year that took place that the Bilingual Grammar School Molyko Buea on the 31st August, regretted the fact that, despite the efforts made by the state to redeploy teachers of non-functional schools last year, majority of the teachers are portraying a lurk warm attitude.

She pointed out that most of those redeployed kept waiting for the minister’s visa before taking up duty which has resulted to high rate of absenteeism during the academic year. She beckon on those teachers who are shying away from the non – functional schools to re- apply for deployment to functional institutions. She declared “My appeal to them is that we should be the teachers that we are supposed to be.

Teachers are role models and the society looks up to us.” She pointed out that it is immoral for teachers to collect salaries at the end of the month without any work done.

By Takang Bisong

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