Politics: CPDM Female Parliamentarian Instills Fear And Panic In Politicians

Politics: CPDM Female Parliamentarian Instills Fear And Panic In Politicians

Hon. Mariam Goni A Threat To Male.

Party MembersThe CPDM politicians of the Logone and Chari Division of the North Region of Cameroon are panicking each time the name of Honorable Mariam Goni, Member of Parliament of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement (CPDM) and also member of the permanent departmental coordination of the Division is mentioned.

The male folk of the ruling CPDM party who failed to kick her out as the people’s representative during the last elections, despite their enormous efforts and energy put together are leaving no stone unturned to ensure her no participation in party activities.

To them, it is a challenge to see a young, dynamic, and selfless woman loved by the population excels in politics in such a manner. Her presence in the political scene to many is a threat to their success. The fear of having Hon. Mariam Goni in the midst of his party members has recently been exposed by fellow party members who did not include her name among on the list of the departmental commission for the renewal of basic organs of the ruling CPDM party.

The friendly, sociable woman with a high educational background is making politicians in her area to work harder not because they want but for fear of what she is capable of doing. Her activities have captivated the minds of many young people who are willing to emulate her examples.

The non inclusion of the name of Hon. Mariam Goni the most outstanding ladies in that Division is a clear indication that, politicians in that area are fighting hard to destroy the issue of gender balance that is been preached as the list is short of any woman.

The member of the superior council of the magistracy, iron lady and mother of the department of which she is a native, makes the majority of politicians of her native land tremble. Not putting her name on the list has caused chaos in the Division and also pushed the CPDM youth wig and the women wig of the party to be angry. To many, the non inclusion of her name is borne out of bias by those who made the list and who also know what they stand to gain by doing so.

By Takang Bisong

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