Cameroon : state officials undermining the depth of the anglophone crisis.

The Cameroon government  after four years of socio-political unrest that has claimed the lives of thousands and render over a million persons homeless forcing them to seek refuge in other towns in the country as well of neighboring Nigeria in the North West and South West regions seems to undermine the gravity of the situation.

Instead of playing games with the lives of the citizens as well as blaming each other over the situation, the authorities that be should sit up and look for a lasting solution to the crisis. The attack on the Senior Divisional officer’s convoy  by some unidentified gun men that claimed the lives of five persons including four military and a civilian after the installation of two Divisional officers of Njikwa in Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon  is a clear signal that the crisis might take longer than expected.

The used of bombs by the suspected separatist fighters on the convoy that snuffed out the lives of the Momo divisional delegate of communication and four uniform persons, leaving five others wounded and cars damaged beyond repairs should ring a bell for the need of an immediate solution.

The Anglophone crisis that commenced in 2016 with a peaceful protest by lawyers and teachers would have known an end if the forces of law and order had not used force on them.  The time the socio political unrest started, no one would have imagined that it will reached a situation where many lives would be claimed as well as prolonged.

The visit of Patricia Scotland the commonwealth secretary general to the country in December 2017, instilled hopes to many citizens who looked at her coming to Cameroon as that of a messiah who has a lasting solution to the crisis. But her visit did not help solve the problem because her advice of an unconditional, comprehensive, substantive and inclusive dialogue was not put into practice.

Before leaving Cameroon on the 22nd December 2017, at the Yaounde Nsimalen International airport, the right honorable Patricia Scotland the commonwealth secretary general clearly stated “The people of Cameroon should decide on the shape, content and who to attend the dialogue. If Cameroon feel the commonwealth can assist in anyway, be it by technical assistance or by participating in this peace process, then we stand ready”. She pointed clearly that, “The dialogue should be inclusive, unconditional, and comprehensive and involve all the stakeholders”. Had the state of Cameroon taken the advice of the commonwealth secretary general seriously, the so call Anglophone crisis would not have been amplified the way it is today.

It is high time the government reflect on holding an unconditional, comprehensive and inclusive dialogue to put an end to this socio- political unrest that has caused the lives of thousands in the North West and South West regions of the country.

Takang Bisong

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