The Africa postal day was celebrated all over the Africa continent on the Monday the 18th January 2021 under the theme The Post: Strengthening resilience in times of crisis.

Cameroon a member of the Africa union and also of the continent was not aloof in the celebration of this day. This is because of the postal services it offers the citizens. In celebrating this day, many are people who are ignorant of the various services offered by the Cameroon Postal Service known as CAMPOST.
Majority of Cameroonians like Gerald Okon a resident of the Biyem Assi neighbor hold in Yaoundé, the post office in Cameroon offers services like mailing as express mail and mandate services especially to those preparing for competitive exams. There is no gainsaying that Gerald Okon is not the only one who is ignorant of the different services offered by CAMPOST.

The Cameroon Postal Services as many people perceived does not only offers mailing and mandate services. Since April 2004, that CAMPOST came into existence through presidential decree No. 2004/095, merging the National Post Office Company and the former Caisse d’Epargne Postale, the company with public capital having the state as sole shareholder, it is providing her customers with a low – cost digital mobile current account that offers them with all necessary features of a traditional bank account, as well as reward whenever they pay or send money from their account. Their transparent account management channels has made it easy for its customers to carry out digital transactions as well as daily, weekly and monthly savings are concern. The customers have the free will to choose how he or she want to save and earn interest. The customers can manage their account from their mobile devices.
Those in the diaspora, have no headache as similar services of interest earning low cost digital mobile savings account has been designed for them. CAMPOST, gives them the opportunity of depositing, managing and have instant access to a savings account in Cameroon while they are in a foreign land.
More to that, the Cameroon postal service, also offers quick loans for students to facilitate the payment of their fees or parents who are facing hardship in paying their children’s school or examination fees.

Business persons in Cameroon, going to stress of payment after supplying their goods, are wearing a smiling face, thanks to the CAMpostMoney xMerchant another service of the Cameroon postal service that helps them to disburse payment of multiple beneficiaries, and collect payment. With the xMerchant, the business persons can easily manage their transactions which is flexible to use and convenient to manage.
Apart from the above mention services provided by CAMPOST, the company can assist those with busy schedule to pay their urgent bills which they later on reimburse the Cameroon postal service. This is done in a smart, simple and straight forward way through the customer’s mobile phone.


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