Cameroon : National Anti Corruption Commission Intensifies Corruption Fight

Cameroon : National Anti Corruption Commission Intensifies Corruption Fight

Dieudonne Massi Gams Set To Motivate Persons With Integrity.

Dieudonne Massi Gams, the president of the National Anti Corruption Commission (CONAC) on Thursday, April 8, at the Yaounde Conference Center, during a plenary sitting of the National Assembly at the presentation of the progress report on the campaign against corruption in Cameroon and the expectations of CONAC before the law makers, stated that, educating the population against the dangers of corruption by making them understand the right of a citizen with regards to the fight against corruption is a tool used by his institution to handle the ills.

The principles of integrity, morals and rigour must be preached and the lesssons about corruption denial must be thought. Valorizing positive models, motivating persons with integrity and give those resisting corruption act will go a long way to fight against the ills. The CONAC president point out.

The institution he added to fight corruption, has identified actions that influence people of good behaviour to fall into corrupt practices. We have taken into accounts on inappropriate condistions that push them to corruption initiative has been noted down. We are encouraging good manners against bad ones, which is made up of good practices, good behaviours, integrity and habits.

Those who are caught in the act of corruption especially when caught red handedly, will not go unpunish he pointed out. To effectively handle the situation of corruption in the country, CONAC works hand in glove with public and private parters like the religious and traditional authorities, members of the civil society, Business Coalition For Good Governance, Ministry of Youth Affairs and GICAM.

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