Cameroon : Law Makers Build Their Capacity On Budget Execution

Cameroon :  Law Makers Build Their Capacity On Budget Execution

Finance Committee Members  Considering Present Realities.     

Members of the finance and the budget committee of the National Assembly, on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, during a capacity buiding seminar at the Yaounde Conference Center, were schooled on how to carry out their works of government overside with regards to the budget programming and budget execution seriously.

Taking into account, the present contextual realities, like the impact of covid 19 on the economy, the decentralisation process and other aspects, which normally will impact the ways the budget for this year should be put in place, gives us the opportunity to judge, whether, the  budget is actually going to meet up with the present challenges the country is facing. Honorable Fonge Julius Fongouck pointed out.

According to the law maker  from Kube Muanenguba Division of the South West Region, member of the finance committee and the budget, the realities of decentralisation such as equitable distribution of the budget must come to play. Therefore, the country should always consider that.It is important to always build our capacity each time the opportunity shows up. Each session, we try to introduce a training and information section on the economic. The president of the finance and budget committee of the National Assembly Honorable Moutymbo Rosette epse Ayayi pointed out.

During the capacity building seminar, themes like covid 19, National Development Strategy which is important for public finance and putting in place of the Regions and the evaluation of public politics which is essentially the role of the finance and budget committee will be handled.

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