Society: Public Health Boss Reveals Priority Areas

Manaouda Malachie experimenting Universal Health Coverage Next Year.

Society: Public Health Boss Reveals Priority Areas

Improving the health of mother and child, experimenting the pilot phase of the Universal Health Coverage commencing with women and children from 0-5 years was revealed by the Minister of Public Health Manouda Malachie as the priority project for the year 2022 as he defended the draft budget of 207.506 billion FCFA infront of the members of finance and budget committee of the National Assembly.

The estimated budget is divided into two, the operating budget representing 117.723 billion FCFA and for investment the sum of 89.783 billion FCFA will be used. To the boss of the Ministry of Public Health, taking care of pregnant women and children between the age of 0-5 years is highly considered in the budget. Minister Manaouda Malachie stated “Our priorities remain the health of the mother and child, the fight against epidemics notably COVID-19, malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis, and vaccine preventable diseases, the search for innovating mechanisms for health financing and accessibility to care and services through the effective establishment of phase 1 of the UHC, so that no one will be left behind.”

In 2022, the Minister revealed, teams of medical persons will have more training in data collection and case handling so that they can be vigilant around the borders especially now that there is epidemiological rise.

With Regards to the Africa Nations Cup that is to be hosted by Cameroon, lot of deployment has to be done and the health personals will have to be very watchful as there is a new variant trend. To the Minister, his ministry has the human and technical capacity to handle any health situation in the country as in this 2021, the capacities of health facilities in the 10 regions and more specifically of AFCON sites have been strengthened, particularly with regard to the management of massive influx of cases and emergency management and resuscitation; some services of hospitals in towns where the AFCON will take place were upgraded (Emergencies, Medical Imaging, Operating Room, Hospitalizations) of (HGOPY, Yaounde Emergency Centre, Laquintinie Hospital in Douala, the Yaounde Central Hospital, the Regional Hospitals of Limbe, Buea, Garoua and Bafoussam).

The budget of the Ministry of Public Health for the year 2022 has witnessed an increase of 10.785 billion FCFA when compared to that of the year 2021 of 197121 billion FCFA.

By Takang Bisong

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