Politics: Expulsion Awaits Ghost Civil Servants In the Country

Minister Joseph LE promises harder times to absentee state employees.

Politics: Expulsion Awaits Ghost Civil Servants In the Country

Civil servants whose salaries have already been suspended are running the risk of expulsion in the nearest future if they fail to present themselves at their duty posts. The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms Joseph LE recently at the Yaounde Conference Center promised hard times to some ghost workers whose where about is not well known as he defended the 13.8 billion FCFA 2022 budget of his ministry in front of the members of the finance and budget committee of the National Assembly.

Joseph LE the boss of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms revealed the state officials are not inhuman to punish workers from work without giving them a hearing ear “It is important for us to call them to come and if they fail to do so, we will not only end at the level of the already suspended salaries, but will take a step further to expel them from the Public service.”

In the 2022 budget of the Ministry of Public Works and Administrative Reforms, a platform linking all the administrative departments and institutions will be put in place so as to ease clarification of certificates. Knowing the originality of the various academic certificates and diplomas of young Cameroonians will facilitate their inclusion into the Public Service by the government. In order to harmonize the system, there is the urgent need to work in synergy with other Ministries when it comes to the dematerialization and simplification of procedures. The Minister pointed out.

To Joseph Lee, his Ministerial department has a lot to do with the budget for the year 2022.

By Takang Bisong

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