Politics: Government Minister Vows to Kick Food Insecurity Out of the Country

Gabriel Mbairobe promises to reduce unemployment within the state.

Members of the finance and budget committee of the National Assembly on Tuesday November 30, 2021 received the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Gabriel Mbairobe who defended the budget of 88.9 billion FCFA allocated for his ministry.

Fighting food insecurity, increase the exportation of Cameroon’s crops so as to have hard currency, creating employment for the youths and women and ameliorating the living standard of the population in general and those living in the rural environment will be handled with the budget for next year, the Minister explained.

The budget of almost 89 billion FCFA defended by Gabriel Mbairobe, the head of that ministry will enable him and his collaborators to step up the production of rice, maize, plantain cassava and all market gathering products. To him, increase production will help fight food insecurity and reduce poverty. Out of the over 89 billion FCFA allocated to that ministry, twenty five billion six million (25,006,0000 FCFA) will be used as operating budget while sixty four billion and twelve million (64.012,000,000) will be used as investment budget.

Operating Budget

For the operating budget, the ministry has to use over 3 billion 831 million FCFA for C2D resources, 10 billion 526 million CFA F for staff cost and personnel expenses, 450 billion CFA F for staff cost excluding gross salary, 708 billion CFA For scholarships and internships, 8 billion 556 million CFA F for other goods and services, for water the sum of 501 million FCFA will be used, electricity 964 million FCFA and telephone 1billion 78 million has to be used.

Investment Budget

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development will not only use the budget allocated for his ministry in operations but he will as well invest it in some areas. Defending the budget, Gabriel Mbairobe made the members of the finance and budget committee of the National Assembly to understand that 3 billion 260 million FCFA will be invested on counterparts funds in real expense, 1 billion FCFA for counterpart funds in taxes and customs duties, 1 billion 596 FCFA for C2D resources, 42 billion FCFA for external resources, 8 billion FCFA for transferred to local councils and 8 billion 715 million FCFA for ordinary Internal resources (OIR) without resources transferred to local councils.

Following the minister, these resources are allocated to priority sub sectors in accordance with government instructions.

By Takang Bisong

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