Cameroon : March Parliamentary Session Starts Tomorrow

Cameroon :   March Parliamentary Session  Starts Tomorrow

Cameroonians looking forward to see a change in the bureau.

It has been a tradition that in the month of March each year, the doors of the National Assembly are opened for the parliamentary session.  A session that according to the Secretary General of the lower house of parliament Gaston  Komba is usualy presided by the oldest member of parliament.

Following the roles, the March session is used to vote the bureau members of the National Assembly. Will the parliamentarians try to change the status quo by bringing in new faces to head the bureau or follow the same trend of voting those imposed by their party?  Will they confirm what the Ghanian writer Ayi Kwei Armah explained  in his book the Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born, that the law makers  or members of government careless about the happiness of the people as they  repeatedly do the wrong things as he pointed out  » Old people, old song and new dance » as they try to deceive the citizens.

If the same members of the bureau of the National Assembly who for the past years could not change the savaging situation of the country, by passing bills that could improve the living conditions of the citizens and put an end to the social unrest going on in the country are still maintained in their positions, there is no gainsaying that, Cameroonians have many more years to get out of the dark tunnel.

At a time like this, when, the citizens hope is abatted, the youths dream of a better future is dashed on the wall, unemployment at its peak, juvenile deliquency skyrocking, poverty and inequality a sad realities, Cameroonians are expecting the law makers to stand for them  and not bow to what they consider party discipline that for years has done no good to the country.

Takang Bissong

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