Cameroon : Members of Parliament Focusing On Covid-19 Fund Use

Cameroon : Members of Parliament Focusing On Covid-19 Fund Use

Insecurity In The North West And South West Regions Now Cumbersome.

Members of Parliament on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 during the plenary sitting opening expressed worries over the happenings in the country. The Right Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, speaker of the National Assembly with his colleagues made it clear that the corona virus pandemic and the security crisis have been a bone in the necks of the authorities.

Recently, the dust about the mismanagement of funds allocated for the fight against Corona virus is raised. The population of the country is in complete confusion. The country’s name trampled upon. The law makers no longer comfortable with the situation have decided to put hands on deck to look for a solution. I will like to know how the government is moving forward with regards to the Covid-19 issues. I wish to know how the money is used and what impact it has on the population who are the electorate. Honourable Peter Njume pointed out.

The June session to the parliamentarians will be used to hammer more on the security crisis that has been plaguing especially the North West and South West Region of the country. It is high time, the government of Cameroon looked for a lasting solution to this problem. I wish to know the measures taken by the government to bring peace. We, the members of the National Assembly took decision and wrote a letter regarding this. He addedInsecurity in the North West and South West Regions of the country has brought untold suffering and pains to the population, destroy the economy and perturb the functioning of two big agro industries. Honourable Peter Njume explained.

The eyes of the parliamentarians are wide shot during this session to see that the government gets to the bottom of the problem.

By Takang Bisong

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