Cameroon : Negligence Sending Patients To Early Graves

Cameroon : Negligence Sending Patients To Early Graves

Most Medical Personnels Do Not Apply CPR.

In Cameroon, many patients have been sent to their early graves by the medical persons who are  either negligent, incompetent and do not respect of medical ethics.  This is due to the fact that, majority, fraudulently find themselves into the medical schools or have parents highly connected to the government.

In most hospitals in the country today, it surfices for a patient to stop breathing to be declared dead. The medical persons, hardly think of the fact that, he or she might have entered into a coma. Thereby requires the lifesaving technique known as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which have been very helpful in many emergencies, such as heart attack or near drowning, which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped.

I was shocked when my aunt was declared death few mins she stopped breathing on her sick bed. I expected the nurses and doctors to carry out the CPR on her, instead they rapidly covered her with the bed sheet and asked me to come sign the necessary documents for her to be taken to the mortuary. A frustrated Cameroonian based abroad said.

According to Dr. Manyor Juliana, the CPR is the first thing any health worker should do in case of any emergency. To her, the CPR training should be given to all a sundry. In a country like the United State of America, a health worker is not allowed to work in any health unit without showing the CPR card.

It is vital to know that, the three basic parts of CPR is known as « CAB » meaning C the chest compressions can help the flow of the blood to the heart, brain and other organs, A is the airway and B is the breathing. CPR can be applied on both the adults and children.

Experts advice that, a hand or both hands can be used when providing chest compressions, depending onf the size of the child. The compressions depth should be one and half inches. The compressions ratio to rescue breaths is 30:2 which is same for children and adults.

By Takang Bisong

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