Cameroon : Several Ministries Involve In The Fight Against Coronavirus

Cameroon : Several Ministries Involve In The Fight Against Coronavirus

Funds Allocated For The Fight Against The Pandemic Needs Justification.

Cameroon has been in the past, the epicentre in the western and Central Africa after the first case of COVID-19 was discovered at the airport in Yaounde. Since the detection of cases of the pandemic in the country, measures have been taken by the state to curb  down the situation. Measures like isolate initial cases, testing and contact tracing, community transmission and voluntary vaccination have been put in place by the government.

Despite the effforts made by the government to handle the situation, some constraints like the scale up testing and expand contract tracing and the provision of intensive care unit/ ventilation support for the seriously infected were noticed. Moreso, personal protective equipements for medical staff were inadequate.

The presence of Covid-19 in the country, has opened doors for  government officials to grease thier palms. Many ministries have been allocated fundings to help tackle the pandemic. At the  Prime Ministry, funds to curb the spread of the virus were received.  Ministry like that of Territorial Administry headed by Paul Atanga Nji have been involved in the fight. On several occasions, members of this ministerial department  have been seen on the field encouraging the population to unite against the pandemic. The Ministry of Secondary Education, headed by Nalowa Lyonga, is highly involved in the struggle to curb the pandemic as funds and materials are given to it. The Communication Ministry headed by Rene Emmanuel Sadi, can’t be left out in the fight against the pandemic as it is the voice of the government.

The Social Affairs Ministry also, is highly concerned with the happenings of the country. The Ministry of Public Health that is headed by Malouda Malachi, can be considered the captain in the fight against the pandemic as funds are attributed to this department to curb down the pandemic.

Majority of the Ministerial Departments in Cameroon are directly or indirectly involved the fight against the pandemic with funds given them.

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