Economy : Corporation Management Urging Government To Maintain Status.

Economy :  Corporation Management  Urging Government To Maintain Status.

Hope Sone Ebai Begging Government To Continually Support The Company.

The new Board Chair of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Hope Sone Ebai has expressed fear of the devastating effects that the abandonment of the organization can cause the country considering the socio-economic role it plays in Cameroon. His worries were made known on the 19th August 2021 in Limbe during a crucial board meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Hope Sone Ebai has called on the government not to stop helping the corporation at this time when the Anglophone crisis has crippled the region. The new board chair is cock sure situation will have a different turn now that he is around. He used to the opportunity to thank the government for the support that has been given CDC always as well as pleading with the state not to relent its efforts in assisting the corporation. To him, CDC plays a vital role in the socio-economic development in the North West and South West Regions. The portfolio of CDC Hope Sone Ebai declares should be maintained. If the security situation improves, we can turn things around for the betterment of the CDC and country at large. He mentioned.

Hope Sone Ebai, who was appointed recently as the board chair, used the board meeting to understand the affairs of the corporation as well as take decisions with members on strategies to be put in place for CDC to survive the storm. Talking to the press, he stated “We looked at performance indicators in the past year, the budget, and how it was managed and got reports from auditors. We approved their counts; we took note of the extreme difficult situations under which the CDC is functioning today because of the crisis”. The new board chair and the board members are bent to revamp the collapsing corporation and stand for workers interest.

Worthy of note is the fact that, CDC for decades has been the second highest employer after the state with over 22,036 workers.Unfortunately, with the advent of the Anglophone crisis, it has been collapsing. The workers for months have been without salaries, ten estates are at the point of shutting down and over five thousand workers are at the verge of losing their jobs.

By Takang Bisong

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