Society : A Talent Development School In The Heart Of Yaounde

Society : A Talent Development School In The Heart Of Yaounde

Children Trained To Be Job Providers Not Job Seekers.

Children between the age of 5 to 15 years since July 2021 are making good use of their holidays by learning different things that could make them develop their talents. The kids from diverse social backgrounds are been taken away from the educational curriculum to enhance their talents that would make them be job creators and not seekers.

According to the brain behind the talent school Madame Eunice Emade Ekwe, the rate of unemployment in our country among certificate and diploma holders is alarming. Job seekers are always asked for years of experience which our educational system alone can’t offer them. It is high time, we start training our children on things that would help them be financially independent as they grow. The talent development school prides herself with developing talents and raising young entrepreneurs with different technical skills. It will go a long way to replace job seekers with job creators to solve the unemployment problem in our country. She added.

Mr. Biche Deodatus while cited that, the talent development school transforms the non talented to talented, indiscipline to discipline kids and also gives the best to the less privileged children. We look beyond the certificate we are too talented to be poor. Since the kids commenced their activities, they have be trained on dancing and music, engineering, creative writing, swimming, arts and design not leaving out food science.

By Takang Bisong.

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