Society : Law Makers Trained In Biogas Production

Cameroonians Urged to produce biogas as a way to fight climate change.

Over 30 Parliamentarians pertaining to the Promotion of Investment and Partnership Contracts (REPICOP) parliamentary network, have been schooled on the production of biogas to fight the drastic and unwanted impact of climate change.

During a capacity building workshop coordinated by the President of the Network, Honorable Emmanuel Banmi Dingha on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at the Yaounde Conference Center, the importance of the use of biogas in the communities was highlighted.

According to Honorable Emmanuel Banmi Dingha, the climate change effects are felt by all as none should pretend to be indifferent or never touched.

Deforestation he mentioned is one of the major cause of climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer. To solve the problem of forest destruction and the cutting down of trees, it is expedient that, the production of biogas from organic waste be taken seriously. With its production, jobs will be created for the youths and non chemical fertilizers that will increase the yields from our farms will be produced.

The parliamentarians who are not ignorant on the effects of climate change on the lives of the population, have taken upon their shoulders to sit and learn how to produce biogas so that the knowledge gained will be shared to the people of their constituency through sensitization campaign and educational forums. To destroy the administrative bottle necks hindering the youths accessibility to the waste, the president of the network is bent to work with higher authorities to resolve the problem. These youths are the ones who have the skills to produce biogas and fertilizers that will help the communities.

A member of the network Honorable Julius Fonge considered the training as timely and important as the accessibility and the availability of the waste is common and can be exploited by all those ready to produce biogas.
The production of biogas will limit the pressure meted by the population on our forests to harvest wood by using household waste in the production of gas, electricity, and organic manure. Royal Renewable Energy Cameroon (PRECAM) specialized in sustainable energy with compost production, biocoal production, biogas technology and sustainable agriculture provided the expertise.

By Takang Bisong

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