Society : Parliamentarian Accused Minister Of Region Neglect

Society : Parliamentarian Accused Minister Of Region Neglect

Energy Boss Fails To Mention Kasina and Menchum Fall Projects.

Some elected officials have accused the Minister of Water and Energy Gaston Eloundo Essomba of neglecting certain important aspects pertaining to the North West Region of the country.  The accusation came up on the 28th June 2021 during a special plenary sitting on the issues of access to electricity and water in the ten regions of Cameroon.

 Honorable Mandio Peter William disclosed to the Minister that, some elements that are supposed to come from the North West Region is not mentioned in his presentation. Important projects like the Kasina and the Menchum Fall projects that could lead to the development of the region have been left out.

During the question and answer period, the law maker from the North West Region demanded from the Energy Minister if the Menchum Fall and Kasina Projects are included in the sum of 6000 billion CFAF budget that is meant to ameliorate the electricity situation of the country.  He blames the government of neglecting the North West and South West Regions on grounds of insecurity. “It is surprising to hear that the projects of the two English speaking regions are insignificant because of insecurity. Indirectly, we are making the world know that the North West and South West Regions have to wait until the crisis is over. I want to say that is an erroneous statement”.

 Insecurity should not be given as a reason why project should not be executed in these regions. He proclaimed that insecurity should not be used as a yardstick why these regions should be deprived from development projects. The parliamentarian condemned the non-respect of the electricity line project promised the people of Menchum Division by the State. To him, the government should not use the pretext of insecurity because this project was on the pipeline even before the crisis began.   

By Takang Bisong

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