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Employees Get Back To Work HYSACAM Workers Commence Cleaning the Streets of Yaounde On Saturday.

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After a week of exposing the population of Yaounde and Douala to health risk caused by poor waste management and revealing the inability of the state authorities to handle situation rapidly, the workers of the lone waste management company HYSACAM have called off their strike action by resuming work on Saturday, the 30th October 2021 after the government paid in some money to the organization to the debt or unpaid salaries of the employees.

In Yaounde the company’s trucks were spotted around the Mvog -Mbi neighbourhood clearing off the huge quantity of household waste that decorated the roads, polluted the environment and produced pungent smell that can cause an unborn baby to jump in the mother’s stomach and push her to force labour.

On Monday morning the 1st of November 2021, workers of the said company were busy around the Round Point Express and Acacia neighbourhood struggling to clear off the garbage that had colonized part the road making it impossible for vehicles and pedestrians to move freely in the capital city.

The decision taken by the employees to resume work has taken away the fear of the inhabitants who were scared of the health hazard that may come their way with the refused littering the streets.

The presence of waste in nearly all the neighbourhold in Yaounde welcoming inhabitants and visitors of the town after the employees dropped their working tools and went on strike has pushed many pundits to think the government has to do something to avoid future embarrassment.

According to environmental experts, the presence of waste in the environment is dangerous to humans. Those living around that area are exposed to health dangers like cholera and dysentery.

The aquatic beings also are not safe as water running from the refuse to the streams have a negative impact on the aquatic beings. He added.

Worthy of note is the fact that, the workers decided to go on a peaceful strike after working for three months without payment. The government of Cameroon had to engage into serious negotiation with the management of HYSACAM to resolve the problem in order to clear the mess before January 2022. The employees of the lone waste management company after a week of rest have the heavy task of cleaning the accumulated heaps of waste found in every part of the political and economic capitals Yaounde and Douala.

By Takang Bisong

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