University of Buea : The creation of An Annex At Akonolinga Denounced By Chiefs

University of Buea : The creation of An Annex At Akonolinga Denounced By Chiefs

The Importance or Benefit Of Such An Institution Questioned.

The population of the South West Region in Cameroon are frowning at the almost settle decision of the Vice Chancellor of University of Buea (UB) to open an Annex of the said institution of learning at Akonolinga.

The President and the Secretary General Mfaw Robinson Tanyi of the South West Chief Conference (SWECC) are worried about the disturbing idea that an Annex of University of Buea is going to be opened at Akonolinga when UB initially was opened as an Anglo-Saxon University with the main Catchment the South West (SW) and the North West (NW) Regions of the country.

Considering the fact that the North West Region has a University created already, the population of the SW through their chiefs is questioning the importance of creating an Annex of the higher institution of learning at Akonolinga and the advantages of having such an institution far away from the Region.

To them, there is no need establishing an Annex at Akonolinga when UB has not fully attained its capacity of schools, colleges, faculties and Centers. To them turning towards Akonolinga is nothing else but a misdirection/deviation and dispersion of efforts and resources.

The chiefs of the South West Region in particular and the population in general are of the opinion that, opening an Annex at Akonolinga is detrimental to the citizens as the expectation of having an establishment in the Division by the inhabitants have been cut short. Presently, it is only Kumba of the Meme Division that has benefitted with the opening of the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College. It will be a wonderful idea if the entire Region is develops before thinking of taking creating an Annex out of SW.

By Takang Bisong

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