Cameroon : Members Of Parliament Working With Civil Society Organization To Direct Government Actions

Cameroon : Members Of Parliament Working With Civil Society Organization To Direct Government Actions

PLANOSCAM Advocating For Transparency In Public Management.

The National Civil Society Organization Platform (PLANOSCAM) on Monday, June 11, 2021 brought together senators, parliamentarians, members of Non Governmental Organization to discuss pertinent issues regarding good governance and transparency in public funds.The fourth session that took place at the Merina hotel in Yaoundé after Ebolowa, Yaoundé and Kribi, was not only to highlight the important transparency role played by the Civil Society Organizations or the control and evaluation of public action in Cameroon but also to set up a bureau. Senator Georges Kinyang a member of the platform clearly stated “We are here today to put up an executive board without which we can’t work effectively.

We are to endorse the executive committee to direct our further actions in order that we get into real business.”Bad governance, lack of transparency in the management and execution of public funds has been the major problem in the country. There is much noise now in our country because of absence of transparency in the management of funds. This has provoked the population and the state. We are here to help the government to ensure transparency in all aspects in life.

We need the board to stand behind the president to work for the interest of the country so that funds be managed in the interest of the population. Senator George Kinyang added.Dr Samuel Biroki, the President of PLANOSCAM, did not fail to mention that, the society is a watchdog to our society.

It ensures that things are done in a correct way. In every country, the civil society organizations are powerful tools of the state. It helps members of government to manage the country in a correct way. It is the wrestle blower that makes sure the management of the state issues is not against the people interest. They always raised alarm when things are going wrong.

They criticize and direct government actions for the proper management in the public services. PLANOSCAM will prevent the country from settling into a budgetary routine that is repeated yearly. It will help direct it course and make ambitious and high impact investment choices.

By Takang Bisong

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