Cameroon : Parliamentarians Frown At Foreign Intervention In The Country

Cameroon : Parliamentarians Frown At Foreign Intervention In The Country

 American Parliamentarians and French Foreign Minister Write Ups Brought Up In Parliament.

 The recent outings of certain American law makers and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs not leaving out the accusation of a French deputy over the happenings in Cameroon, especially the socio- political crisis of the North West and South West Region has provoked some members of government and parliamentarians, who are reminding the Minister of External Relations Lejeune Mbella Mbella through the Minister Delegate in charge of cooperation with the CommonWealth that Cameroon has it sovereignty.

Honorable Ebangha Johanna epse Agbor Ntui, on Friday, March 26, 2021, at the Yaounde Conference Center during the verbal question session to the Minister of External Relations, frowned at the fact that other countries are intervening in the internal affairs of the state. Addressing to the Minister, the law maker pointed out  » We note to deplore that each internal problem, each internal crisis in our country, is the object of interpellations and even invectives of certain Governments of foreign countries. The recent cases of certain Americans parliamentarians and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs following the accusations of a French deputy are still fresh in our memories ».

To the law maker from Manyu Division of the South West Region of Cameroon, the statements made by the outsiders are destructive. « The comments are sometimes derogatory or even insidious, the questions are on the verge of contempt for our country, with an obvious bias and a condemnation in advance ». Mbayu Felix, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of cooperation with Commonwealth, Personal representative of the Minister of foreign Affairs, in responding to the worries of Honorable Ebangha Johanna pointed out that, the write ups of the American parliamentarians only portrays the ignorance of their own system as they got the answers need from Cameroonian law makers.

Felix Mbayu pointed out that, the American Embassy through the Ambassador was disappointed with their law makers who went agains the views of the executive branch of the government who were embarrased by their actions. With regards to the letter of the French Foreign Minister, the Minister of External Relations, invited the French Ambassador to Cameroon, who frowned at the actions. To the Minister Delegates, some of the write ups are very co desending.

Takang Bissong

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