Cameroon : Parliamentarians Working In Synergy With Organizations

Cameroon : Parliamentarians Working In Synergy With Organizations

Members Of Civil Society Associations Build Their Capacity.

Some members of the civil society organizations and  parliamentarians converge at the conference room of the parliament hotel, to build the capacity of civil society organizations in the citizen control of public finance. With the objective of contributing to a better management of public action with focus on public finance, the participants considered the seminar timely.

The capacity building workshop is to create a platform and a working network between the parliament and the civil society. The civil society has to make sure the law is respected, equity and justice have their place and everyone be under the law. Senator George Kingang pointed out.

The capacity building workshop  that takes place on Thursday, April 22, 2021, is to expose the important role of the civl society with regards to state management. The coming together of the civil society organizations  and the parliamentarians is to build a synergy that can control government actions with regards to public finance. He added.

According to Senator George Kingang, the synergy will make state actors be accountable and  manage state properties in confirmity with the law. This will help fight corruption out of the country and will promote transparency in public management. We are going to work with the government as partners not as adversaries and this will enable the state to work while  respecting  the law.

Doctor Samuel Biroki, the president of the Cameroon civil society organizations sees working hand in gloves with the parliamentarians as a means to make their expectations known to the government.

Members of the civil society organizations and the parliementarians will be schooled on the role of civil society organizations in the budgeting process by the end of the day.

By Takang Bisong

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