Cameroon : Principal Of Government High School Torments Teachers

Cameroon : Principal Of Government High School Torments Teachers

Ewane Spora Epede Forcing Staff To Pay Social Fees.

Ewane Spora Epede, the principal of Government High School Kumba Mbeng in Meme Division of the South West Region of Cameroon, is using the staff as trojan horse and frustrating them. Heading the institution for over two years today, the lady from Kube Muaneguba Division has turned the place into a money making organization.

The principal of said institution, is twisting the hands of the teachers to collect money. The staff of the school are forced to pay the some of either 50000FCFA, 30.000FCFA or 25.000FCFA as debt for social to the Principal. This amount of money meant for the said socials, is never used for the purpose. The principal who is the lord of the school, uses the money for her personal projects.

Ewane Spora Epede, the principal of my institution, does not sign any effective service of her staff, if he or she does not pay the money for socials. A staff of the school mentioned. |At a time when civil servants are being censured, she is making thing more complicated for us. We all know the importance of census in our country. If by the time the delegation of secondary education expect you to present yourself with the expected documents, and you are not available, the salary will be suspended. He added.

Surprising enough, even some IDP teachers who struggle to brave the socio political tension to be present at their jobside are equally denied effective service based on silly excuse that they do not reside in meme and are treated with disdain. Though chased out of town by separatists, they do everything to be present at work for fear of  salary slash.  


By Takang Bisong

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