Cameroon : Reverend Father Christopher Eboka Regains Liberty

Cameroon : Reverend Father Christopher Eboka Regains Liberty

Catholic Christians Of Mamfe Diocess Showered Praises To God.

Reverend Father Christopher Eboka of the Mamfe Diocess, kidnapped on May 20, 2021 during his visit to his diocess to execute his duty regained his liberty on Tuesday June 1, 2021. The young and handsome man of God with an excellent gab tooth was seen jubiliating, smiling and appreciating the almighty for his release with adherence of the church. His eleven days of captivity gave the Catholic Christians of the Mamfe Diocess in particular and those in Cameroon in general sleepless nights.

They took time to pray and offered masses for his release. The circumstances leading to his release still is unknown. The restoration forces fighting for the restoration of the Ambazonia statehood have claimed responsibilty of the kidnap  as they issue a warning to the Catholic Church to stop  » playing a double game with the Republic of Cameroon with the aim of weakening the struggle for independence ». Following the note circulating on social media, the separatists say the Cameroon government is  using the Catholic Church to disarm fighters by either offering to give them huge sums of money to voluntarily surrender to the national Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration Committee (NDDRC) or offering money to fighters to enable them run to Nigeria and start a new life.The release of Rev. Fr Christopher Eboka has gladdens the heart of Catholic Christians of Mamfe Diocess in the South West Region who showered praises to God for protecting their priest.

 The Reverend at the moment will be out of service for a period of time.

By Takang Bisong

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