Politics: Sanctions Await Dishonest State Managers Of Public Assets

Government closing the Doors to corrupt contractors without companies.

Politics: Sanctions Await Dishonest State Managers Of Public Assets

Contractors and government authorities who have benefitted from the state tolerance and leniencies for the past years will have their tails cut and their voices silent from next year as their actions will be sanctioned. In Cameroon, contracts awarded to contractors for many years are hardly executed after the unscrupulous persons who usually work in collaboration with dishonest officials have collected huge sum of money allocated for the projects.

The Prime Minister and Head of Government Joseph Dion Ngute, on Friday, November 26, 2021, during a plenary sitting at the National Assembly issued a serious warning to all miscreants who are taking advantage of the state laxity to waste tax payers’ money. The government the Prime Minister declared is bent to protect government assets and bring to book all those who are out to paint the image of the state black while presenting next year economic, financial, social and cultural program “ In 2022, the government will work hard to consolidate last year achievement, our development and performance of government policies, to protect public assets and public authorities will focus on sanctioning dishonest managers.”

The award of contracts that in the past was a child’s play whereby anyone can dash a project to a family member, friends or an acquaintance might not be the same as from next year as the state is ready to put mechanism that will check how these contracts are been given out as well as deal with all leakages. The Prime Minister and Head of Government Joseph Dion Ngute stated “ The government plans to intensify controls on awards and execution of public contracts.”

The state of Cameroon in order to regulate the public contract system and destroy all the administrative bottle necks, will digitalized the system through the integrated code that will permit the verification of information with regards to the award and execution of public contracts in the country.

By Takang Bisong

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