Society: Cholera Epidemic Dancing In Two Regions of The Country

Poor Hygienic Conditions Accused As The Major Cause.

The cholera epidemic which in the past was forgotten by Cameroonians living in South West region and partially in the Center Region, has shown its ugly face again to torment the citizens and give the authorities sleepless nights few months to the kick off of the African Nations Cup slated in January 2022. The disease paid a surprised visit to the inhabitants of Ekondo Titi in the Ndian Division of the South West Region recently where over 27 cases of infected persons have been recorded.

The epidemic which did not find the South West Region alone convenient to host it, has found it pleasurable to have a sit in the Centre Region where a case is registered. Being a dangerous disease noticed mostly in areas with poor drainage system and sanitation facilities, proper hygiene is therefore required to give the epidemic a red card out of the country.

Health experts have noticed poor sanitary conditions due to ignorance of the disease by the population as major reason for the reappearance of the disease in the country. With the outbreak of the disease, Public Health authorities have warned the citizens against unhygienic practices that help skyrocket the infections in the South West Region.

To avoid attracting the disease, health expects have cautioned the people to Regular wash their hands, wash food before consumption, ensure drinking portable water and visit nearest health centers or hospitals in case of diarrhea symptoms. Following the press released signed by Public Health Minister Manaouda Malachie on the 1st of November, the cases were registered between 27 -30 October this year.

With cities decorated with garbage and the waste management Company HYSACAM workers not working for days, the population of Cameroon is in complete risk knowing very well that the epidemic progress in filthy environment and poor drainage areas.

By Takang Bisong

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