Society: Waste Management Company Employees on Strike Anew

HYSACAM Workers Drop Working Tools for Unpaid Salary.

Hopes of the Yaoundé and Douala inhabitants were raised and their eyes wide shot to see their cities be cleaned again by the workers of the lone waste management company HYSACAM from Saturday, the 30th of October 2021 resumed duty after a week of strike because of unpaid salaries for over three months.

Little did the population know that the cleaning up of the streets by the company workers would be short lived and all hopes of having a street void of refuse as decoration with pungent smells replacing the attractive odor of an expensive perfume dashed to the mire.

The workers who took up their working tools on Saturday after receiving a month payment out of the three owed them, did without any point of controversy that the remaining two months would be paid within a short period of time as promised by the management after receiving billions from the state, are drowning in the ocean of shock as the remaining two months are still to be handed them.

With the shock of not able to have the remaining two months’ salary owed them by the management, the workers of the waste management company HYSACAM today gathered and decided leaving the streets of the towns in the filthy state by going on strike until the management pay what rightly belongs to them. The trucks of the company that have been seen everywhere on the streets since Saturday clearing the waste in huge quantity will be grounded and the roads blocked again with refuse.

There is no gainsaying that, the Yaounde inhabitants will be frustrated with the decision of the HYSACAM employees to retreat from working leaving them at the mercies of health hazards like cholera and dysentery.

By Takang Bisong

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