Society : Country’s Touristic Potentials To Be Sold During Africa Nations Cup

Society : Country’s Touristic Potentials To Be Sold During Africa Nations Cup

Government Joins The Globe To Celebrate World Tourism Day.

Cameroon joins the world to celebrate the World tourism day that is commemorated each year on the 27th September 2021. Celebrated under the theme “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”, the day is dedicated to the tourism industry to ensure its sustainability as well as including everyone for the future’s interest.

Few months to the hosting of the African Nations Cup, the government of Cameroon via the ministry of Tourism under the leadership of Bello Bouba Maigari, commemorates the day in Yaoundé at the Warda neighborhood to enlighten the people of the importance of tourism in the country.

Tourism industries in many countries have been a catalyst to income generation. Tourists all over the world visits countries to feed their eyes with the wonderful things that nature offers them. The national parks, the beaches, the mountains, the animals in the zoos are revenue sources in some countries.

Cameroon popularly called Africa in miniature, has several wildlife reserves that tourists can find pleasure in visiting. The Korup National park, the Waza national park, the Limbe Botanic garden, the Dja reserve the Ebodje village are counted among the places foreigners can have a glimpse while in the country.

Many pundits are of the opinion that certain barriers like unnecessary suspicion of tourists as spies, depriving tourists to take pictures on certain sites, the issues of bad roads, need to be handled in order for the tourism industry in the country to function normally.

Tourism sector touches almost every part of the global economy and societies, enabling historically marginalized people and those at risk of being left behind to benefit from the development that is local and direct. On World Tourism Day, we recognize the power and potential of tourism to advance prosperity and drive inclusive sustainable development. Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General stated on world tourism day celebration.

The Cameroon government needs to put hands on deck to ensure a proper sales of the tourism potential of the country during the Africa Cup of Nations.

By Takang Bisong

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