Government High School Elig-Essono Ex- students Visit Ama Mata Recently.

Born some two years ago, the association the grain making up of Ex- students of the Government High School Elig- Essono which was formerly Government Secondary School, has as goals working together to assist the students, staff and the institution which is their ama mata, meeting together to recall the wonderful memories and brainstorm on ways to beautify the school paid a visit to the institution recently.

The association the Grain contributed over ten benches to the institution which help students to relax during their free period and visitors who are not urgently received by the authorities of the school. According to the Secretary General of the group Justin Mabouth, before the Grain was born, the ex students of the school had a Whatsapp platform called Shaba where memories of their days in school were shared.

Unfortunately this platform did not last for long because the different political opinions. Since non of the ex student liked the idea of separation or destroying the platform, they unanimously accepted to stand together putting aside their differences in order to live in harmony and respect each other.

He expressed his joy of being a member of the association “30 years ago, we disappeared to the face life’s realities. One of us suggested we should form a platform where we can’t share our ideas and good memories since we are dispersed all over the world.”

To him, he does not know what would have become of him if he was not nurtured by the present day Government High School which was formerly known as Government Secondary School. The Secretary General revealed “I asked myself if I did not pass through this institution of learning. I met my first friends here and today we are together in the grains.”

The ex-students are meeting each other in times of happiness like birth and marriage as well as sad moments in the life of a mate.

By Takang Bisong

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