Cameroon : Drowning camair –co gets new management team.

Cameroon : Drowning camair –co gets new management team.

The drowning flight company Camair – Co that cannot boast of continuous international flight have been given a new management team.   Colonel Jean Christophe Ela Nguema the General Manager, Alexandre Forchive as deputy General Manager and Ayem Mauger as board chair were installed into their functions by the Transport Minister Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe on the 7th of January 2021 to revive the dying company.

The lone flight company of the country that in the past was a pride to the nation as Cameroon Airlines because of both national and international flights, today is a shadow of itself. Instead of improving the service that Cameroon Airlines offered it customers like flying in nearly all the major towns of the country, the present Camair – Co is nothing else than a sham.

For the past ten years, the government of Cameroon instead of getting right deep into the root cause of the problem and look for a lasting solution so as to regain the pride of the company and instill some confidence to its customers, spends time changing the management team. The million dollar question asked by many is, what reform or change will the new general manager Jean Christophe Ella Nguema, an air force colonel and his team bring into the system?

The government of Cameroon has put the new management team on a hot seat by asking them to do intense auditing of the corporation, reinforce its aircraft, and ensures the takeoff of international flights by December commencing with Paris, a  task that their predecessors could not accomplish.

It is a shame to see that even domestic flights cannot be assured by the flight company. For the past ten years, the government has appointed seven general managers. Names like Frederic Mbotto Obounou, Nana Sandjon Jean Paul, Louis Georges Njipendi Kouotou are listed among those who have warmed the seat of the general manager of the corporation without any substantial results.

According to report presented in 2012, by Okala Ahanda, a consultancy firm, Camair- Co survives on state’s subvention of about 30 billion FCFA and this was confirmed by the former minister of transport Robert Nkili. The once prestigious Cameroon Airlines that had both national and international flights with air buses like the Dja, is now sleeping on it laureates and dreaming of past allusion.

Takang Bisong

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