Cameroon : Development promises with hanging projects.

Cameroon : Development promises with hanging  projects.

Paul Biya the president of the fof December 2020 during his address to the nation mentioned the various developmental steps that the state has taken to improve on the citizen’s wellbeing socially, economically and politically.

The head of state who traditionally pinpoint the major projects that the country has realized or in the process of getting to an end this time did not do so.

The head of state Paul Biya in his last message to the nation expressed the desire of his government to make Cameroonians enjoy the best of life as he pointed out “It will therefore be necessary to move up a gear to fight poverty, unemployment and the persistence of the informal sector. We will also have to strive to achieve a growth rate of 8% by carrying out a structural transformation of our economy and improving the efficiency of public spending. We will also continue to implement our social development policy which was defined at the start of the current seven-year term, whether it concerns youth employment, education, health and of the family’’.

What the president of the Republic failed to understand is that, a nation can hardly achieve palpable development and satisfies the citizens when some of the major projects the population have looked on as life changing ones and improving the beauty of the country are still to be accomplished.

The long expected Yaounde – Douala expressway that will cost the country the sum of over 338 billion FCFA, financed by the EXIMBANK CHINA and the state of Cameroon, that would have helped in modernizing the transport infrastructure and improve the traffic and safety conditions on the current road linking the two cities awaits the second coming of  Jesus.

The major cities of Cameroon for many years can’t boast of constant power supply as they are quarters that go for weeks without electricity due to persistent failures. Glimmers of hopes were raised when the project of Lom Pangar dam which is the biggest energy infrastructure ever constructed in the country having a reservoir capacity of 6 billion cubic meters came to lime light.

 Having as objective to regulate upstream flows of the river Sanaga, so  as to optimize production at the Songloulou and Edea power plants, the Lom Pangar hydro – electricity development project with a 30 MW power plant aimed at supplying electricity to several villages in the East region has failed to deliver the services to Cameroonians.

Moreso, it is stated that “where a road passes, development follows”.  The people of the West and North West Regions of Cameroon for some years now have given up hope for a better road as the promised of rehabitating the road linking the town of  Bafoussam and Bamenda is yet to be fulfilled. The government of Cameroon after launching the project instilled some hopes on the inhabitants of the two regions, making them believe the 370km long Bafoussam Bamenda road will be completely rehabitated. The road that is to cost the government the sum of over 145 billion FCFA with the help of financial partners like the Africa Development Bank and the World Bank remains a dream come true. For some time now, this particular trench of road has been a nightmare and an express road to the grave as many lives have been claimed.

By Takang Bisong

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